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The Genetics of Being a Morning Person

January 29, 2019

It might not make you “wealthier and wise,” but being early to bed and early to rise is associated with greater wellbeing, according to a new large-scale genetic study looking at the sleep cycle — or whether someone is more likely a morning person or a night owl — and its association with mental health and disease.

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Big ‘R’ and Little ‘r’ Research at 23andMe

November 6, 2018

While we take a traditional approach to rigorous scientific inquiry and publishing our findings — we now have more than 110 papers that have appeared in peer-reviewed publications, some of which have taken months and often years to complete — we also occasionally take a lighter approach to sharing insights from customers who have consented to participate in research.

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23andMe’s New Research Overview Page

September 26, 2018

To ensure that our customers can easily see how their contributions are making a difference, 23andMe has added a new Research Overview page, which will roll out to customers over the next few weeks. On the page, customers can see in one place the latest surveys, new studies and data on how customers are participating in research.

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