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23andMe COVID-19 Study Findings Published

September 9, 2020

This week 23andMe scientists published findings from the first four months of our COVID-19 study using data from more than a million research participants that found both genetic and non-genetic associations for susceptibility and severity to COVID-19.

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Guillaume’s Search

April 11, 2019

Opening up his 23andMe Ancestry Composition results for the first time, with it’s mosaic of colors representing the global regions from which his DNA originated, gave Guillaume another tangible representation of who he was and where he was from. And it opened up a door into the mysteries of his origins.

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Does your DNA make you LOL?

April 1, 2019

As pranksters prowl for marks on April Fools Day, they might want to know how their punchline will land. It turns out that genetics plays a role not just in a person’s sense of humor, but in their ability to get a joke, according to data from 23andMe.

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