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23andMe At Family Medicine Experience Conference for Healthcare Professionals

September 21, 2019

This month, the American Academy of Family Physicians host their annual Family Medicine Experience in Philadelphia, their largest meeting meant to inspire medical professionals focused on family medicine and primary care. The emergence of DTC genetic testing and questions from healthcare professionals such as family doctors surrounding this topic, have made it important for companies like 23andMe to have a presence.

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Medical Education at 23andMe

August 2, 2019

Our Medical Education program supports HCPs who want to incorporate DTC genetic testing into patient care. By learning more about our service, HCPs will be more prepared to have meaningful conversations with their patients who want to discuss 23andMe reports.

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23andMe Steps Out with Two New Trait Reports

May 16, 2019

Put up your feet and check out two new 23andMe trait reports that look all the way down to your toes. Using a statistical model and data from almost half a million 23andMe research consented participants, we report a customer’s predisposition toward having bunions or flat feet. No small feat, this new set of trait reports brings the total number of trait reports to more than 30 for 23andMe Health + Ancestry Service customers.

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Spit Podcast Takes on Type 2 Diabetes

April 24, 2019

Recorded in front of a live audience at this year’s SXSW conference in Austin, the latest episode of Spit, an iHeartRadio podcast with 23andMe tackles one of our most significant public health challenges of our day — preventing millions of Americans from developing type 2 diabetes.

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23andMe’s New Dandruff Report

April 2, 2019

You have a good head on your shoulders, but your genetics might be influencing whether or not you also have a little dandruff there. While we can’t brush it off for you, 23andMe scientists have identified genetic variants associated with dandruff.

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